Kolkata Port was commissioned on 17 Oct 1870 under Calcutta Port Act. In 1886 a separate oil wharf was setup at Baj Baj. The dock at Kidderpore (KPD) became operational in 1893. In 1925, four riverside jetties & a coaling jetty were made at Gardenreach. In 1928 the 2nd dock now known as Netaji Subhash Dock (KPD) came up there. Kolkata dock comprises KPD, NSD and Baj Baj. There are 18 & 9 operational berths at KPD & NSD. Baj Baj has 6 wharves for liquid bulk. There are 10 berths and 2 oil jetties at HDC. Haldia Sagar & Diamond Heart provide excellent loading/unloading facilities. These facilities have been developed on a stretch of over 150 Km. The Haldia Docking Complex (HDC), deep water third dock system was commissioned, 104 km downstream of Kolkata. It was the first comprehensive port project in India, providing composite cargo handling facilities.

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